Software, Hardware Developer, Living in Miami, Working Virtually, Available for Contract.

I have developed software/hardware since High School.  Degrees in Electrical Engineering, International relations and Spanish… University of Delaware. Always focused on latest technology  trends and how to apply them. I think about Streamlining, Improving operations, Incremental or Disruptive changes, Empowering others around me. Automation.  


My previous Life was in Industrial Automation, PLC, MMI, SCADA, Expert Systems, Industrial Networks, mostly continuous process. I was Designer, Developer and PM for several Multi Million Dollar projects. I’ve  developed and commercialized several Hardware / Software systems in Industrial Space. Other projects include, Designing Diagnostic systems for 688 class Attack Submarines, Predictive Dialing and INCALL telemarketing, logistics for Container ships, Scheduling systems for Trains, Tracking to immunize Gypsy children in Europe, Mass Document Scanning with AI, Big Data acquisition, Cardiology Decision support system for Mobile…  I have done RFID, NFC, Embedded LoRa, GeoLocation, SQL and NoSQL and, of course iPHONE and ANDROID. In high school, I developing an IRA tracking system for Bank of Delaware and the first Digital Dining POS system. The list goes on.

Swimming offshore Events, Sailing and Lacrosse are my Passions, as well as politics and Cultural Trends.  English is first Language but I also speak Spanish and I would relocate to Latin or Spanish destination for a project.

Currently I am working on personal Projects in Healthcare, Transportation, Publishing and BlockChain, as well as IoT.  Your welcome to ask about them, especially if you would like to participate or give advice. That said, I am available for projects as a contractor or staff, as Developer, writer or Educator.  I enthusiastically invite you to contact me about your ideas, thoughts or Requirements. Currently living in North Miami Beach but available virtually anywhere. cheers.


  • iPHONE (Swift ObjC)
  • ANDROID ( Kotlin, Java )
  • Flutter.io ( Cross platform)
  • Apple Watch / Apple TV


  • POLYMER.js
    • Responsive
    • Mobile Friendly
    • Works off Line.


  • FireBase
  • Google App Engine
  • Linux
  • Ubuntu Core snap
  • Docker


  • Golang
  • Node.js ( cloud Functions )
  • JavaScript
  • NoSQL / SQL
  • Salidity ( Smart Contracts )

Block Chain

  • Ethereum
  • HyperLedger
  • Quorum
  • Solidity

Industrial Controls

  • PLC – Programmable Logic Controllers
  • AI / Expert Systems


  •  SoC – Linux on RassPi
  • ESP32 / ARM / TI CC3300
  • MQTT
  • Google PubSub


  • NFC / RFID – 13.56MHz
  • Impinj – 900MHz
  • WireLess Networking
    • WiFi / Celular/ LoRa
    • BlueTooth / BLE


Chaos is Opportunity. Meaning it can be automated, adding technical elegance, empowering others, Education.  I write about Tech, Politics but would love to write more.

My other habits

That is Alcatraz in background. I’ve swam it about 8 times. Doing Golden gate and a number of other off shore events.

I’m also a Lacrosse player, Dinghy Sailor, Traveler and love languages and Cultures.