I am a contract tech consultant doing:

  • iPHONE ( swift and objC)
  • ANDROID (Java )
  • GoLang  on CLoud
  • Polymer.js on Chrome
  • IoT Internet of Things ( mostly very small, very low power SoC's)

I believe that Chaos is opportunity. I study tech and business trends like other's watch NASCAR and I speak Spanish. Technology is exciting but application of technology, actually designing something that other people use, is what I live for. 

For the most part, I can build an entire cloud to mobile solutionmyself. I can...

  • design the Back end DB,
  • the RESTful endpoints in extremely Fast GoLang ( 1000 x than PHP or Ruby).
  • develope the management portals,
  • Setup an MQTT client / broker for IoT.
  • Design any sort of Automation system
  • Make them communicate over WIreless, Celular or LoRa networks
  • NFC and BTL. Google AppEngine,
  • Design Microcontroller IoT Hardware.

And of course, I can design your iPHONE and ANDROID apps for the clients.

But there is more.  I can also learn your business and make it better with automation. 

What can I do for you?

PS...  so why all the sail boats?.  I also like to sail.