TopTools - Senior Engineer


Duration: About 3 years

TopTools was the Automation consulting arm for Cement Francais in North America. As I speak Spanish I was assigned most of the Latin Projects. Among my projects, I was PM and developed the MMI, SCADA and PLC systems for Cemento Cruz Azul in Mexico at Hidalgo and hermosillo locations.  I was also assigned most of the non Standard Industrial projects that required more research and experimentation.  For example, a factory that did not use Siemens or Modicon PLC’s.

I Designed first of kind  PLC trending system for Fluid Incinerators.  The innovative part was that Politicians and Regulators could monitor the smoke Stack in real time from their computer.

Worked on “Expert System” design.

Developed software and some hardware for other of company.

A typical project budget was about $9 million. Crus Azul was higher.

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