This is a photo of a Modicon PLC fitted with an Module running xGATE/xSTRIPE, a product that I developed for Industrial Automation.  The location is one of about 100 Remote, unmanned  Wastewater  pumping stations in Anne Arundel County, Md.  

The innovative feature of the system is that the system uses the installed Industrial network, which no other integrator was able to do.  This system allowed an access control reader to make a remote authentication request to a database running at the main control. Main control would open the door if authenticated.

I sold both the Reader and the PLC interface as well as the Software licence.


Photo 1 is me, posing infront of the PLC, holding a Reader that would be mounted to exterior door.

Photo 2, is the exterior of the Pumping station.


I was also doing DMS scanning operations.

Modicon PLC with module running xGATE/xSTRIPE system
Modicon PLC with module running xGATE/xSTRIPE system