Developed software for Military Sealift Command.

C++, Clipper, Novel (CNE), Oracle 8i.

Duration: About 3 years

TopTools was the Automation consulting arm for Cement Francais in North America. As I speak Spanish I was assigned most of the Latin Projects. Among my projects, I was PM and developed the MMI, SCADA and PLC systems for Cemento Cruz Azul in Mexico at Hidalgo and hermosillo locations.  I was also assigned most of the non Standard Industrial projects that required more research and experimentation.  For example, a factory that did not use Siemens or Modicon PLC’s.

Software Hardware and Iot consulting.

I am a Tech consultant doing...

  • iPhone in ObjC and Swift,

  • Android in Java,

  • Chrome Browser in Polymer.js,

  • Embedded Internet of Things platforms (Hardware and Firmware )

  • Cloud development in goLang

  • WEB Portals

  • DMS - Drupal and Wordpress

  • General Te