Assorted Business Cards

Developed system that would Scan multi generation Tax documents, Digest using Electric Paper, Then migrate to Mariot DMS system, which they had not chosen at the time.

Image 1 shows the index scheme for the images.

Image 2, was an Xth generation scanned image.  

Image 3, is the Digested image prepared for the DMS system.

This is a photo of a Modicon PLC fitted with an Module running xGATE/xSTRIPE, a product that I developed for Industrial Automation.  The location is one of about 100 Remote, unmanned  Wastewater  pumping stations in Anne Arundel County, Md.  

The innovative feature of the system is that the system uses the installed Industrial network, which no other integrator was able to do.  This system allowed an access control reader to make a remote authentication request to a database running at the main control. Main control would open the door if authenticated.

These are pictures of one of the mobile scanning systems.  THe unit would be brought to the client's office.  Index pages were inserted into the filing cabinets.  The images would be stored to a removable Hard drive.  When the batch is scanned, the Dirty disk is swapped for a new Fresh disk.  The dirty disk would be inserted into another Digestion system that would handle Image Digestion.  Deskew, Despeckle, Auto Rotation, Indexing.   Once scanned, the paper would be sealed in cold storage.  Images would be migrated to a Document Management System of their choice.

Inventory Tracking system for Drugs.  As a box of a particular box is opened, this form, with a specific ID, would be removed, scanned, Barcode ID and data would be saved to the Army Oracle system.


The Central Intelligence agency was looking for ways to publish their previously secret documents.  I was asked to consult on techniques.  My solution was a scanning strategy as well as a CD ROM. The original documents were in very poor quality and several generations of copies. The project was never fully funded but the scanning was finished.

Trending system to analyze complex behavior of factory line.  This report is of a Captain Morgan's 750 Liter line.

 Image 1 displays a list of Triggers being tracked in real time.

Image 2 and 3  are screen shots of Line speeds.  A single line was comprised of 7 sub lines.


System to scan Bank drafts, extract data, Digest, confirm authenticity, and several other business rules.  The data is synched with main Park service office. A second requirement was that the National Park Service field officers could request a copy of Bank drafts via a phone Touch pad.  The system was a combination of “Electric Paper” and Lotus Notes.

I have been studying online technical classes for two reasons:

  • I was interested in the subject
  • I want to start producing my own content.

Attached are some of my Certificates.  I have more and will add to list as I find them.

I have also been doing classes with no certificate

I started a Summer Sailing school in Cadiz Spain called Aprende Ingles Navigando, which translates to “Learn English Sailing”. It was in partnership with El Purto Santa Maria, a large  marina where I used their boats and an English school.  I Coached sailing to ages under 16, as well as practiced English conversation skills while on land.  English Classes were taught in the evening, Sailing was in the morning followed by English conversation then siesta.  I also handled promotion, booking and ran race events.